Ranch Tuna Panini

A simple panini with Tuna Creations Ranch, chopped onion, spinach and cheese toasted in a Pita Pocket or 2 slices of Mini Naan Bread. If desired, dip in ranch. Or,

How AP Reps use Mrs. T’s Pierogies

If you’ve never tried pierogies, it’s a comfort food you need in your life! Rich, creamy mashed potatoes wrapped in tender pasta, they’re the epitome of cozy cooking. With their

Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler

No need for canned peaches with this recipe! Simply use fresh or frozen peaches, combined with a few ingredients to get a nice syrup. Enjoy Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler topped

Jamie’s Raspberry Chocolate Pancakes

Treat your tastebuds to a touch of sweet cream flavor from our Sweet Cream Pancake mix, accented by raspberry crumbles and chocolate chips. We may be biased, but these the

Sparkling Breaded Chicken

Chicken coated with flour, then cooked in a Dutch Oven with potatoes, carrots, onions, and ginger ale and covered in a layer of melty cheese. This meal can be prepared

3 Savory Naan Sandwiches

Stonefire Mini Naan Bread (#1686) is hand-stretched sandwich size flatbread made with buttermilk and ghee (clarified butter). It can be used for personal pizzas, tacos, dipping in hummus or oil

S’mores Bar

S’mores have never been easier than with our Camp Chef Extendable Roasting Sticks (#7340). The design is great for roasting mallows because you don’t have to worry about a gooey

Salsa 3 Ways With SupHerb Salsa Blend

If you’re like us, cooking with fresh herbs can seem daunting, or at least inconvenient. All that washing and chopping of the little leaves! And how much should I add

Strawberry Bruschetta

A sweet twist on classic Bruschetta, Strawberry Bruschetta features baguettes toasted with Strawberry Honey Butter, then topped with a ricotta cheese mixture and balsamic strawberries. Why we love Chef Shamy

Tips and Tricks for Pulled Pork

There’s something about summer that makes us crave pulled pork sandwiches. The soft, fluffy buns, naturally hickory smoked pulled pork, tangy barbecue sauce….makes your mouth water, right? Tender pulled pork

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