Chicken Fajita Pierogy Sheet Pan

This Chicken Fajita Pierogy Sheet Pan is a delicious twist on the traditional Tex-Mex Fajitas, while still having the flavors we crave. With toasted pierogies and tender chicken, this meal

Keto Sheet Pan Chicken & Veggies

No one told us when we signed up for parenthood that we were going to have to cook every single day… Lucky for you, we’re all about finding easy +

Slow-Cooker Chicken Dinner Recipes

Your family will want to eat these slow cooker chicken recipes over and over, and you won’t mind because of how easy (and delicious) they are. They come together quickly

Ham & Asiago Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Our Asiago and Pepper Jack Whisps add a lovely crunch to this flavorful stuffed chicken breast. You can pair with our delicious asparagus spears for a nice dinner. Plus, this

Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili

This deliciously creamy White Chicken Chili with corn and white beans is perfect for warming up on a cold night or bringing to a game-day party. Try serving it in

Cranberry Orange Chicken

A flavorful dish full of sweet oranges and tart cranberries make this Cranberry Orange Chicken a meal your family will ask for over and over. Plus, it can easily be

Deep Dish Pierogy Pot Pie

This Pot Pie variation using Pierogies is the perfect meal on a cold day. Our pie crust is full of veggies, chicken, gravy, and topped with pierogies. More filling ideas:

Chicken Phyllo Pie

This delicious variation on a pot pie is loaded with chicken and veggies with a nice crispy phyllo crust. It also contains no dairy! Plus, you can easily make it

Recipes using Shirley J White Cheddar Soup & Sauce Base

Our Shirley J White Cheddar Soup & Sauce Base is a great product to use in any recipes calling for a cheese-flavored cream sauce. Some of our favorites include Creamy

Chili Lime Pierogy Stir Fry

This Pierogy dish will blow your mind! It is full of flavor and has a nice crunch from the veggies, which pairs well with the soft filling in the pierogies.

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