Campfire Dishes

There’s something delicious about cooking food over a fire. Whether it’s dessert, breakfast, or dinner – you really can’t go wrong. The key to cooking food evenly is to use

Campfire Banana Boats

A drool-worthy campfire dessert, enjoy bananas stuffed with chocolate, wrapped with foil, and cooked over a fire. Banana Boats are great for camping, but can also be cooked at home

Anna’s Pierogy Hobo Dinner

I’m so excited to share with you another one of my favorite products. This recipe features Mrs. T’s Loaded Baked Pierogies (#4991), which is kind of like having a baked

Campfire Beef Stew

Campfire Beef Stew is a hearty dish full of veggies and meat and is perfect for a backyard dinner or to warm up at the end of a camping day.