Anna’s Pierogy Hobo Dinner

Watch Anna share how she makes her Pierogy Hobo Dinner!

I’m so excited to share with you another one of my favorite products. This recipe features Mrs. T’s Loaded Baked Pierogies (#4991), which is kind of like having a baked potato wrapped in a little dumpling. My family eats them every week, we usually fry them in butter so the outside gets nice and crispy.

We’re going to be doing a really fun tin foil dinner. I don’t know if tin foil dinners are the same everywhere, but this is something you can do in your kitchen, camping, or dutch oven. It’s super easy! You can get it put together in less than 5 minutes, and depending on how you cook it, it can take 15-30 minutes.

Anna’s Pierogy Hobo Dinner

First, you’ll need a Medallion Foil Sheet (#2351). I used Carolina Ground Turkey (#3568) as my base, but you can use any type of meat. I made it into a little patty and sprinkled it with AP Montreal Steak Seasoning (#1023) and AP Smokey Maple Rub (#4576). The maple rub gives a really nice sweet and smokey taste. With both of these seasonings, a little bit goes a long way! Then, I threw on a couple handfuls of Flav-R-Pac Fajita Blend (#2069). I love how much time I save with this product. Next, I added a handful of Flav-R-Pac Pacific Blend (#8640). These are such high-quality vegetables, and I love how fresh they are. Then I sprayed the vegetables with the Vegalene Buttery Delight (#1576) and added a little more of the maple rub and Regal Fine Sea Salt (#1146). Now, onto the star of the show- I placed four pierogies on top of the veggies and sprayed with vegalene, and sprinkled a bit more montreal steak seasoning and maple rub. I added some hickory-smoked BBQ sauce on top. Fold up the foil and it’s ready to cook in the oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes.


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