Creamy Tuscan Garlic Butter Shrimp

Juicy shrimp in a deliciously creamy Tuscan garlic butter sauce with spinach. An easy, fast, low-carb meal the whole family will enjoy! If desired, serve over a bed of Barilla

Shrimp Pad Thai

Shrimp Pad Thai made with egg noodles, tofu, shrimp, peanuts and spouts for a homestyle twist on a favorite recipe. Try swapping out the shrimp for Main St. Meats Chicken

Wild Alaska Pollock Stir Fry

Simple stir fry with Alaskan Pollock Redi Cuts and Stir Fry Veggies with hints of ginger and garlic served over a bed of fresh rice. This is a great meal

The Ultimate Fish Stick Baja Tacos

Fish Tacos have never been easier! Dive into warmed tortillas filled with Trident Fish sticks, lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, and SupHerb Cilantro. Try adding a dollop of Calavo Fiesta

Grilling Salmon 101

Victoria Beckham says she eats salmon every day. That seems a bit excessive to us, but we do wish we could get her best recipes! Posh Spice is definitely onto

True Lemon Spaghetti with Salmon & Basil

Dig into this dish of pasta topped with a creamy basil + spinach sauce and pepper coated salmon. Serve for a weeknight dinner or special occasions like graduations, birthdays, or

Grilled Teriyaki Wild Alaskan Pollock Skewers

Enjoy Trident Alaskan Pollock Redi Cuts (#2259) coated in an easy homemade tangy Teriyaki Sauce, served over a bed of rice. Try this new product! If you are following a

Garlic Lemon Tilapia

Enjoy tilapia fillets coated in butter, lemon juice, and garlic, then baked to flaky perfection. Serve with a side of sauteed veggies or a simple salad. Dinner will be ready

Miso-Honey Grilled Salmon & Kale

This tender, flaky Pacific Salmon is marinated in a lovely miso honey sauce and served with a side of sauteed kale and rice. Our salmon comes as individually vacuum-sealed 4

Sauteed Shrimp & Tarragon Salad

Enjoy a refreshing shrimp & tarragon salad with a tangy lemon balsamic vinaigrette featuring our Pacific Seafood Newport Peeled & Deveined Raw Shrimp (#1545). This meal pairs nicely with Tuscan Mini

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