Southern Fiesta Rice Bowl

A fiesta in a bowl using Simplot favorites! Cilantro lime rice, creamed jalapeno corn, blackened salmon, and a simple tomato salad make for a fun new twist for Taco Tuesday dinners.

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Blackened Seasoning

If you don’t have a blackened seasoning handy, here’s a simple Blackened Seasoning Mix recipe to make up at home from Store it in one of our Spice Jars, and you’re set!

You’ll need the following Alison’s Pantry products: AP Mild Paprika (#1697), AP Premium Garlic Powder (#1021), AP Premium Onion Powder (#1027), AP Cut & Sifted Thyme (#1444), AP Coarse Black Pepper (#1028), AP Oregano Mediterranean Cut & Sifted (#1445). And, from your pantry, you’ll need cayenne pepper and basil.

Southern Fiesta Rice Bowl

A fiesta in a bowl! Cilantro lime rice, creamed jalapeno corn, blackened salmon, and a simple tomato salad.

Southern Fiesta Rice Bowl

Yield: 6 servings



  1. First, in a bowl, toss the *okra, tomatoes, remaining oil, and vinegar. Seasoning with salt and pepper and set aside
  2. Now, add half of the corn and jalapeno blend to a food processor and process until smooth. Melt the butter in a frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the puree and remaining corn and jalapeno blend, sauteeing until heated through. Then, add the flour and stir to evenly coat. Next, stir in the heavy cream and bring to a boil. Add salt and pepper as needed, then allow to simmer for 3 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, add 2 Tbsp oil to another large pan over medium high heat. Add the rice, and sautee for 7-14 minutes, or until heated through.
  4. For the salmon, season generously with blackened seasoning. Place in buttered frying pan (cast iron is best!), skin side up, for about 3 minutes. Now, flip and cook an additional 3 minutes or until just cooked through. Remove from pan.
  5. To assemble, scoop 1 cup of rice into a bowl, followed by 1/4 cup of the corn mixure. Place a salmon fillet on top, then garnish with okra-tomato mixture.

*If you aren’t a fan of okra, simply do more tomatoes.

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