Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese

We love some fresh, gooey Mac and Cheese, but were pleasantly surprised with how good this Keto Cauliflower Mac was- and we aren’t on the Keto diet! This delicious low carb Cauliflower Mac is ready under 30 minutes and is great for Keto, Gluten-Free, or Vegetarian friends.

What are the health benefits of Cauliflower?

Other than Cauliflower being a great low-carb option, these little florets contain a lot of great nutrients. Some of these include vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin K. Along with that, cauliflower is a great source for antioxidants which help reduce inflammation. There are so many other great things about cauliflower, but as a busy mama it’s nice to have an easy way to sneak veggies into our kiddos meals.

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cauliflower mac and cheese

This delicious low carb Cauliflower Mac is ready under 30 minutes and is great for Keto, Gluten Free, or Vegetarian friends.

Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese



  1. First, preheat the oven to 450F. Then, line a baking sheet (#5957) with foil (#1963) or a piece of parchment paper (#1153).
  2. Next, melt 2 Tbsp of the butter. Now, toss the thawed cauliflower, slat, and pepper in the butter.
  3. Place the cauliflower florets on the baking sheet, and roast until they are crisp- about 10-15 minutes.
  4. While the cauliflower is in the oven, prepare the cheese mixture by heating the cheese, heavy cream, milk, and remaining butter in a saucepan. Stir frequently until the cheese mixture is smooth, but do not burn.
  5. Right before serving, toss the cauliflower and cheese sauce together. If desired, top with Kraft Parmesan cheese. Enjoy!

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