Gifting Made Easy

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Gifting Made Easy

It’s my favorite time of year! Christmas is right around the corner, so we wanted to share some ideas to simplify gifting for friends and neighbors. For years, I have loved to gift gifts to friends and family for Christmas time, but I used to make huge batches everything like sugar cookies, fudge, caramel corn, and it just got to be exhausting trying to make that much to give to everyone. So, I have simplified my baking and candy making and I just do smaller batches that I give to close family and friends, and I do other little gifts that I can make ahead of time so I can save my sanity. So, here are some ideas to make gifting easy, including some easy fast packaging tips.

Idea #1: Easy Caramel Apple

One of the things that I love give, and I have given a couple of times to our kids teachers is a jar of our Uncle Denny’s Caramel Topping (#7894) with an apple on top, in a Mini Bakery Bread Bag (#7803) with ribbon. It’s so simple, and this caramel is absolutely delicious! It’s made with real butter and real cream, so it has a really homemade flavor with it. You can actually warm up a jar and pour it over popped popcorn for easy caramel corn, if you want. It’s great to just slice up an apple and do deconstructed caramel apples and dip in the caramel with chocolate chips or nuts. It just makes a really fun gift. You could add a tag with it that says “All is caramel, all is bright. Happy holidays from our family.” This is a really inexpensive gift.

Idea #2: Jam, Cheese & Crackers

Another one that we love to put together is one that I love to serve for parties, or take as a little hostess gift to parties. It also makes a great neighbor gift. It’s our Pioneer Valley Hot Riotous Raspberry Fancy Jam (#3006). I come from a long line of women who can and bottle all kinds of things, and on of the things I love is pepper jellies. They have the great homemade flavor in this without the effort. It’s delicious basted on chicken or pork, but we like to serve it with cream cheese and crackers. So this gift has a jar of jam, a block of cream cheese, and a sleeve of crackers in a Standard Bakery Bread Bag (#5494). You could also make it into a charcuterie board as a hostess gift, paired with Margherita Hard Salami (#1688).

Idea #3: Frontier Soup Mixes

We get so many treats this time of year, so sometimes it’s nice to get something savory that’s not so sweet. An easy idea is our Frontier Soup Mixes. They’re the best dry soup mix that we have ever tried. We have sold literally thousands of them, so we know it is one your friends and family will like. It has really good, whole freeze dried vegetables in it, noodles and spices, so it looks really pretty in the packaging. It’s great for hectic holiday nights. You can give the soup mix with a ribbon, with a label that says, “We mix you a Merry Christmas” or “When the weather outside is frightful, soup is so delightful. Or, make up the soup and serve it in a AP 32 oz. Deli Container (#6476) with Janey Lou’s Beehive Rolls (#8925) in a Standard Bakery Bread Bag (#5494) . Add a label to one that says “comfort” and the other a label with “joy”.

Idea #4: Apple Cider Mixin’s

Another thing that I absolutely love is our AP Cozy Mulling Spice (#1009). It’s a blend of cinnamon sticks, orange peel, allspice and cloves and it’s only available during the holidays. I simmer this all season long with just a little bit of water and it makes my house smell fantastic, but it really is intended as a simmering spice for ciders and wassails. So I found a small jar and tied it to a 1 quart jug of apple cider for a simple gift. Add a tag that says, “Warm wishes for a Merry Christmas.”


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