Wild Blueberry Pop Tarts

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Mother’s Day Recipe Roundup

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Hawaiian Lunch Plate

Enjoy a refreshing Hawaiian Lunch Plate with coconut shrimp + dipping sauce, ginger slaw, mac salad and rice. Whether served for a simple lunch at home or an outdoor barbecue,

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Ideas

Everyone loves grilled cheese, right? And as much as we love a classic sandwich, it can be transformed into something even better with a few simple additions. Keep reading for

Exotic Grains & Fire Roasted Vegetable Chicken Wrap

A refreshing wrap full of shredded chicken, Simplot Exotic Grains & Fire-Roasted Vegetables, romaine lettuce, guacamole, and tomatoes. A no-brainer for a simple, healthy lunch! Why we love Simplot Exotic

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No-Hassle Summer Meals for Kids

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Spicy Chicken Crunch Wrap

Crispy Homestyle Chicken Tender Fritters topped with jalapeno aioli, relish, shredded cheese, and crisp lettuce wrapped in a flour tortilla. Try turning it into a salad by chopping the fritters,