Mother’s Day Recipe Roundup

Sometimes, it feels like all you do as a mom is cook meal after meal… So, this Mother’s Day, take that stress away from a mom in your life. And if you are the mom, share this blog post with your significant other so they can make the day special for you. Food is our love language, but if it isn’t hers- make sure you grab her some flowers, write a note, or do something to show your appreciation for all the hard work she does for your family.

Breakfast in Bed

With a little help from dad or older siblings, let mom sleep in on Mother’s Day and wake up to the smell of one of these delicious breakfasts. Bring it to her in bed so she can eat while you clean up the kitchen.

Refreshing Lunch

Keep lunch light and refreshing. Bonus points if you eat outside so mom can enjoy the fresh Spring air.

  • Plan a picnic for mom! With help from dad, get everything ready beforehand so mom can just enjoy time with her family without worrying about making sure everyone has something to eat.
  • Fast, easy, and refreshing salad topped with crunchy slivered almonds and irresistible avocado dices. You (and mom) won’t be able to get enough of this Strawberry Spinach Salad!
  • Make mom a refreshing Exotic Grains & Fire Roasted Vegetable Chicken Wrap. Full of shredded chicken, Simplot Exotic Grains & Fire-Roasted Vegetables, romaine lettuce, guacamole, and tomatoes, this lunch is simple and healthy.

Delicious Dinner

Set the dinner table with a table cloth, nice dishes, fresh flowers and simple notes from everyone. Try one of these tasty recipes:

Simple Dessert

Using our mixes, dessert is easier than ever. Do you have any of these on hand? Whip one up for dessert on Mother’s Day.

  • AP Marvelous ‘N Chewy Macaroon Mix (#1965) are exceptional cookies that couldn’t be simpler to make. All you need is the mix and water!
  • Simply add ice cold water to our AP Heavenly Angel Food Cake Mix (#2815) and bake for a light, luxurious Angel Food Cake! We feel confident that you won’t find a better-tasting mix. Guaranteed!
  • One mix does it all- our AP Classic Creme Cake Mix (#1823) is versatile and delicious! Make muffins, quickbreads, and cakes -a bakery full of treats in a single bag. This is a professional bakery product but better than most bakeries! Add your own fresh or frozen fruit, chips, nuts, fillings or flavorings for infinite variety. Make all your family’s favorite treats.


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