Summer Breakfast Ideas

When the kids are home for summer, it can feel like a chore to think of breakfast ideas. Today, we are sharing two incredibly easy meals to start the day

Gluten Free Heaven

Gluten Free Heaven Mixes are used by professional bakeries and were one of the most popular booths at last year’s big Gluten Free Expo. Our adult and child testers raved

Get to Know E-Z Gel

What is E-Z Gel? E-Z Gelâ„¢ is a gluten-free, Non-GMO, instant cornstarch that can be added directly to any liquid – hot or cold – for immediate thickening. It can be

Mixed Berry Muffins w/Crumb Topping

What’s better than our Delectable Blueberry Muffin Mix or Scrumptious Raspberry Muffin Mix? Combing them into one glorious muffin, complete with a crumb topping! Our customers love each mix on

3 Recipes for Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day is a day of letting mom know how much we appreciate her. We’re sharing 3 easy recipes that the rest of the family can prepare, giving mom a

Eggo Breakfast Sandwich

Crispy Eggo homestyle waffles topped with melted cheese, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs for a quick, delicious breakfast. Everyone will be saying, “leggo my eggo!” after they try this. Change

Mini Kodiak Cake Cereal

We keep seeing the trending Mini Pancake Cereal trend, and had to give it a try with our NEW Kodiak Cakes Grizzly Size Buttermilk Powder Cake Mix (#2942). It did

Banana Pancakes

These fluffy, moist banana pancakes are perfect for a weekend breakfast smothered in Kirkland Salted Sweet Cream Butter (#1723) and Log Cabin Original Syrup (#1590). With this recipe, you don’t

Berry Buttermilk Banana Muffins

Berry Buttermilk Banana muffins packed with flavor! Bite into fluffy muffins with bursts of Wyman’s delicious blend of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Our families love when we make a batch

Bacon, Egg & Toast Heart Cups

While we certainly aren’t the first to enjoy Bacon, Egg & Toast Heart Cups, we won’t be the last! Enjoy a crispy, garlic buttered toast heart complete with a bacon