Deep Dish Pierogy Pot Pie

This Pot Pie variation using Pierogies is the perfect meal on a cold day. Our pie crust is full of veggies, chicken, gravy, and topped with pierogies. More filling ideas:

Chili Cheese Dog Empanadas

It is a tradition for in our home to make Chili Cheese Dogs on Halloween, so we love this flakey variation featuring our Pillsbury Frozen Pie Dough Round (#1800) and

Pumpkin Stew

This warming stew is the perfect Autumn meal to serve with friends and family. It is full of tender beef and vegetables for a deliciously filling meal. Plus, how could

Chili Pasta Bake

Our USA Rectangular Cake Pan isn’t just for cake! Test it out with this delicious Chili Pasta Bake. Serve with a salad and garlic bread. We love the versatility of

5 Ways to Serve Fish Sticks

There’s no mince and no mystery in Trident Fish Sticks (#2809), just more fish in every bite….and that’s a natural fact.  Enjoy more fish, and less breading! (65% Alaskan Pollock,

Instant Pot Spaghetti

As if Spaghetti wasn’t easy enough already! This quick recipe for spaghetti only dirties one dish- your Instant Pot. Plus, boiling noddles is not required either, which is a win

Maple Espresso Ribs

With a savory espresso rub and a maple espresso BBQ sauce, you’ll be smacking your lips over these Maple Espresso Ribs using our Hormel Fully Cooked Ribs. These fully cooked

Naan Pizza 2 Ways

Naan is a hand-stretched flatbread made with buttermilk and ghee (clarified butter). You can save with our bulk case, and use for personal pizzas, tacos, dipping in hummus or oil

Chicken Phyllo Pie

This delicious variation on a pot pie is loaded with chicken and veggies with a nice crispy phyllo crust. It also contains no dairy! Plus, you can easily make it

Scampi Pie

If you love Shrimp Scampi, you will love this pie! This mouthwatering thin-crust pizza is topped with shrimp scampi, onions, prosciutto, and mozzarella cheese. Just want the Scampi? Our large,

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