Country Time Lemonade Slush

Creamy Lemonade Slush is a summer essential! This refreshing drink is incredibly easy to throw together at home, as it only requires a few ingredients.

Country Time Lemonade Flavored Drink (#2536) is a family favorite because it has no artificial sweeteners or flavors, is a good source of Vitamin C, and it’s Gluten Free. Along with that, it’s so easy our kids can help mix up a batch. There are so many ways to enjoy this shelf stable product, but it pairs perfectly with our Acopa County Fair Drinking Jars (#8114). Let us know how your family serves it!

Slush Variations:

  1. Replace the water with ice cream or milk for a creamier slush.
  2. Change the flavor by adding fresh fruit or Monin Strawberry (#2632) or Raspberry (#2712) purees.
  3. Turn into popsicles by adding the prepared lemonade to a popsicle mold.
Country Time Lemonade Slush

Creamy Lemonade Slush with only three ingredients!

Country Time Lemonade Slush



  1. First, blend the water and drink mix until dissolved. Then, add ice and blend until smooth. Enjoy immediately.

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