Best Halloween Treats and Sweets for Your Monster Bash!

Halloween Treats and Sweets 

BOO! Halloween season is officially upon us! Don’t let those witches and ghouls get grumpy lest you get jinxed with a spooky spell. Time to wrangle up some kid-friendly, easy-to-make Halloween treats for those class parties and other eerie get-togethers.

Rice Crispy Treat Pumpkins

Rice Krispies treats are fail-safe; easy to make, moldable, and delicious. They’re a perfect treat for kids to make. Plus you probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry, so they’re a great last-minute Halloween snack you can stir up in a pinch. If time is tight, use Halloween cookie cutters to cut cute shapes from our Rice Krispies Treats Sheet. Then you can insert a lollipop stick into each cutout, or simply wrap them individually as-is.
Check out One Little Project at a Time’s blog for the full details to make this yummy Halloween treat!

Halloween Marshmallow Pops

These have the look of those time-consuming art deco cake pops without all the work. All you need are popsicle sticks, melted white chocolate chips and those leftover Halloween sprinkles that have been sitting in the cupboard since last year. These are so easy even your toddler can get in on the fun! Get the full recipe details and more Halloween recipe ideas at Shaken Together.

Halloween Ghosties

There are several different apparitions of these yummy spooks, so it’s a cinch to adjust this recipe for your needs. Peanut-shaped peanut butter cookies make bloodcurdling good ghosts, or if you need a nut-free version you can use bananas on a bamboo skewer. Either way, these little ghosties are easy to spook up and are bound to disappear fast. Find the recipe here!

Four-ingredient Bat Treats

Don’t be “tricked” into thinking these will be hard to construct. Quite the opposite! Gather up the ghouls, and let them Frankenstein these together. Just be sure they cut the cookie bat wings under supervision. Real blood isn’t in the recipe! Get the recipe at Suburban Simplicity’s blog!

Witches Hats and Broomsticks

A perfect treat for a PTA meeting or Halloween party! These little witch hats and broomsticks can be ready to fly off the plate in just a few minutes. We loved this creative idea from Gone Bananas Blog! Peanut butter cups make howlishly good bristles, and a variety of cookies can be used for the brim of the witch’s hats. Get creative! The bat-filled sky is the limit! You can find the recipe here!

Halloween Brownies

If you’re one of those people who isn’t tempted to gobble up all the Halloween candy lying around the house, this recipe is for you. Make cute decorations on top of the frosted brownies with the leftover Halloween candy and stick a brownie in the kid’s lunches. They get their daily ration of Halloween candy, and you get brownies! Go to Buns in My Oven blog to learn how you can cook this sugary goodness Halloween treat!

Halloween Fudge

No need to spend hours baking fudge for this fun Halloween treat: chocolate chips, vanilla, and condensed milk will do the trick, or treat! Dorothy, from, makes this sweet treat with Toll House’s Halloween chocolate morsels topped with candy corn,  but a combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate for brown and white fudge, decorated with cute candy skeleton bones would be fun too! Get the recipe here!

Cornucopia Halloween Treats

As easy as they are cute, this no sweat treat from The Pudge Factor turns a sugar cone into a cornucopia of fun. Once you get the signature curl on the end of the cone, there’s no limit to what you can stuff in there. Cover the end with Halloween themed plastic bags and black and orange chenille stems, and these would be a perfectly bootiful treat for a favorite teacher. Find full instructions for this recipe and many other fun ideas at the link above.


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