Instant Pot Olive Oil Rosemary No Knead Bread

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We are big, big fans of bread around here. So, when we find recipes that make our lives easier while making our taste buds happy, we jump right on that wagon! Although this Instant Pot Olive Oil Rosemary No Knead Bread sounds like it might be complicated, we can assure you it isn’t! Once you get the hang on your Instant Pot, you will want to find all the amazing ways to use it.

Can I add to this recipe?

Although this recipe is absolutely delicious as is, we love to add some minced garlic (#1289) and Italian and Pizza Seasoning (#1432) to the dough. Plus, adding some kosher salt to the top of the loaf along with the fresh rosemary is a pleasant addition. Don’t forget to butter your dough up before baking as well to get a nice, crispy loaf!

Does this have to be made in the Instant Pot?

While we love our handy Instant Pot, this recipe does not have to be made in it. If you’re wanting to adapt this recipe, simply make the dough as shown in the steps below. But, instead of placing your dough into the Instant Pot, let it rise in a well-oiled bowl and cover with a towel or cling wrap (#6127). Then, place in a warm area and let rise until doubled. This will take about an hour, depending on the temperature in the room. Once it has doubled in size, punch down the dough and shape as desired. Using a sharp knife to make the cuts, and let your dough double once more. Next, brush with avocado oil, coarse sea salt (#1147), and rosemary. Follow baking directions as described below.

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instant pot no knead bread

Instant Pot Olive Oil Rosemary No Knead Bread- the name seems like a mouthful, and we promise you will want your mouth full of this delicious bread!

Instant Pot Olive Oil Rosemary No Knead Bread

  1. Add lukewarm water, sugar and *yeast to a large bowl. Stir, cover and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  2. Now add Oil, rosemary, salt, and flour. Stir so the flour is incorporated. The dough will be rough and sticky.
  3. Line the bottom of the instant pot bowl with parchment (#1153) up the sides. Spray parchment with Vegalene (#1212).
  4. Place the dough in the prepared pot, close the lid and press the yogurt button on the Normal Setting. Set the time for 4 Hours. After 4 hours you will notice the dough is dotted with bubbles and has risen more than double in size.
  5. Preheat oven @450 degree F. Place a Dutch oven in the oven to preheat it as well.
  6. Next, scatter some flour on another piece of parchment paper, remove the dough from an instant pot and parchment paper (the one we used in instant pot) and flip the dough onto the floured Parchment paper. Shape the dough on parchment paper into a tight ball. Shaping the dough into a round tight loaf on a parchment paper makes it easier to place the bread in the Dutch oven and take out the bread from the Dutch Oven.
  7. Sprinkle some Rosemary on the dough, Cover it with a towel for about 30 minutes.
  8. Carefully remove the hot Dutch oven from the oven. Remove the lid and Gently put the dough ball into the Dutch oven.
  9. Sprinkle a light coating of flour over the top.
  10. Using a knife, slash the bread 2 to 3 times, making a cut about 1/2 inch deep. This step is optional.
  11. Put the lid on and pop it in the oven for 30 minutes. Then, remove the lid and bake it 10-15 minutes more without lid @450F, on the middle rack. (30 minutes lid on and 10 to 15 minute without the lid, total 40 to 45 minutes). 
  12. Remove the loaf and let it cool on a rack before slicing. to keep it warm, cover with a towel. Enjoy!

Recipe notes:

*If you are using our SAF Instant Yeast, you won’t need to let it rehydrate. Simply mix in directly with the dry ingredients.

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