Sweet Breakfast Naan 3 Ways

When we think of Naan Bread, the first thing that comes to mind is using it in savory dishes. But, we have gathered three creative ways to use this hand-stretched flatbread for some of our favorite breakfast dishes.

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naan french toast

This twist on our favorite French Toast breakfast is flavorful and simple, but made delicious topped with berries of your choice and whipped cream.

Naan French Toast



  1. Cut each piece of Naan in half.
  2. Then, mix together the egg, milk, and salt in a small bowl (#7756).
  3. Heat a frying pan to medium temperature, and add the butter or Vegalene to the pan before adding the bread.
  4. Dip the cut pieces of Naan into the egg mixture until it’s fully submerged.
  5. Remove and place the Naan onto the preheated pan. Let cook and turn the slices over as they start to become brown.
  6. Once each side is cooked through, remove from pan and serve.
  7. We suggest serving with Log Cabin Syrup (#1590), butter, Diced Strawberries (#2832) and fresh whipped cream (#1696).

Adapted from: https://www.stonefire.com/recipes/ancient-grain-mini-naan-french-toast/

strawberry naan crepes

A fun twist on the classic Crepe recipe, these Strawberry Naan Crepes are a combination of savory and sweet, and perfect for a morning treat.

Strawberry Naan Crepes



  1. First, make the filling. With an electric mixer, mix the yogurt, mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract in a bowl until soft peaks form. Set aside.
  2. Slice your Naan in half so you have two thin layers, this will be the “crust”.
  3. Brush both sides of each naan slice with melted butter
  4. Warm the Naan for 2 minutes in the oven.
  5. Remove from oven.
  6. Spoon the filling onto the naan, then top with the strawberries. Serve warm and enjoy!

Adapted from: https://www.stonefire.com/recipes/strawberry-mascarpone-naan-crepes/

This quick breakfast is perfect for a healthy way to start off your morning. The combination of soft Naan with the crunch of apples and granola is one you will love.

Apple and Cream Cheese Naan Toast



  1. Toast your Naan in the toaster as desired.
  2. Top the Naan with the cream cheese, sliced apple, and granola.
  3. Drizzle with the honey and slice in half to serve.

Adapted from: https://www.stonefire.com/recipes/stonefire-mini-naan-apple-cream-cheese-toast/



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