Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Whether you’re throwing a summer party or just looking for an easy way to entertain your kids for a little while, Ice Cream Sundae Bars are a hit this summer. It’s a great, easy way for everyone to be able to personalize their own sundaes to their liking. Here’s what you’ll need to start with: ice cream, waffle cones or cups, and toppings.

Topping Ideas

From sweet hot fudge to salty mixed nuts, there are so many toppings to choose from:

Set up the Ice Cream Bar

In our opinion, setting up your Ice Cream Bar is the best part! If you’re setting it up in the heat, it’s important that the ice cream doesn’t melt. Here are two options for the icecream (other than staying indoors):

To set up, place the ice cream in the center of the space. Add the toppings to little serving bowls with serving spoons, and place them surrounding the ice cream. Next, place spoons throughout the spread. Keep napkins nearby, too.

If it’s for a party, add some decor! Label the toppings, use a cute table cloth, or even wrap the cones with decorative paper.

Try these homemade sauces!


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