9 Thanksgiving Tips and Shortcuts

We don’t think the holiday season should be stressful, so with Thanksgiving just two weeks away we want to help with some of the stress that comes with this time of year. Impress your family with a smooth-sailing Thanksgiving dinner with these tips! 

9 Thanksgiving Tips and Shortcuts

  1. Plan your menu ahead of time. Base this on how many people you will have at your meal, and what cooking helps you have (oven, stove top, toaster oven, microwave, Crock Pots, extra burners, etc.)
  2. Don’t plan 7 side dishes if you are only feeding 5-6 people. The simpler the recipes the better. Don’t try a brand new recipe you have never made before—stick with tried and true recipes you know are good. 
  3. Write down all the ingredients you will need. Do this for each dish, then mark those you already have and highlight the ones you will need to buy.
  4. Write up a baking/preparation schedule. This would be for when each item needs to be prepared and for how long. Go backward from the time you want to serve your meal so everything will be ready at that time.
  5. Prepare ahead of time. Any food items that can be done ahead of time (rolls, salads, desserts, veggie trays), prepare one or two days before your Thanksgiving meal.
  6. Set your table the night before so it is already done. 
  7. Place all your food out buffet style and let your family/guests serve themselves.
  8. Delegate. If you are having guests, ask them to bring the dessert so they can enjoy their own cooking. *This makes one less thing you need to worry about fixing.
  9. Empty your dishwasher before guests come so that everything can be loaded into it after the meal. Or better yet, use disposable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins that can be thrown away when the meal is done.

Looking for some Thanksgiving recipes?


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