Gourmet Burger Mix-ins & Toppings

For over 30 years, Alison’s Pantry has been providing families with many of the same premium, foodservice-level products served by restaurants and chefs. So, why not serve restaurant-quality meals in your own home? Try these easy tips & tricks at your next BBQ, and let us know what you think!

For the following suggestions, choose from these buns and patties. Try toasting your buns with Chef Shamy Garlic Butter to elevate your meal!

Gourmet Burger Mix-ins & Toppings

Pick from these 20 delicious restaurant-quality burger ideas- to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own backyard.

20 Gourmet Burger Toppings

  1. BBQ Burger: Double L Ranch Meats Pulled Pork w/BBQ Sauce (#2108), Brew City Beer Battered Onion Rings (#1269), Monterey Jack Cheese
  2. Avocado Jack Burger: Glacier Sweet Potato Fries (#1211) + Pepper Jack Cheese + Simplot Avocado Dices (#1645)
  3. Mushroom Swiss Burger: Mushrooms (cremini or McCain Butter Breaded Mushroom #1276) + Swiss + Grilled Peppers + Grilled Chopped Onions (#5772)
  4. Mediterranean Burger: Arugula + Feta + Sundried Tomatoes
  5. Street Corn Burger: Sweet Corn & Jalapeno Blend (#1984) grilled w/Ole Taco Seasoning (#1037, 1 lb. bag or #1846, 1 lb. container) + Cotija Cheese + SupHerb Farms Fresh Frozen Chopped Cilantro (#1921)
  6. Classic Summer Burger: Coleslaw + Double L Ranch Meats Smoke Craft Pulled Pork (#1677)
  7. Surf ‘n Turf: Pacific Seafood Newport Peeled & Deveined Raw Shrimp (#1545) + McCormick Tartar Sauce (#1875)
  8. Classic Cheese Burger: Daily’s Hardwood Smoked Peppered Thick-Sliced Bacon (#8465) + Cheddar Cheese + Butter Lettuce + Sliced Tomato + Mayonnaise
  9. Buffalo Burger: Melted Bleu Cheese + Buffalo Sauce
  10. Mexican Burger: Calavo Fiesta Guacamole (#9247 or #1060) + Melted Queso
  11. Chili Burger: Chili + Cheddar Cheese + Brew City Beer Battered Onion Rings (#1269)
  12. Tropical Burger: Mango Salsa + Caribbean Jerk Seasoning (#1724)
  13. Cheesy Fry Burger: Caramelized Chopped Onions (#5772) + Swiss Cheese + Brew City Beer Battered French Fries (#1762)
  14. Thai Burger: Peanut Sauce + SupHerb Farms Fresh Frozen Green Onions (#1864)
  15. Crab Topped Burger: King & Prince Pride of Alaska Imitation Crabmeat (#2111) + McCormick Cocktail Sauce (#1814) + Lemon Wedges
  16. Reuben Burger: Corned Beef + Sauerkraut + Thousand Island + Swiss Cheese
  17. Italiano Burger: Bonici Sliced Pepperoni (#2031) + McCain Mozzarella Sticks (#1270) + Pepperoncini
  18. Over-Easy Burger: Fried Egg + Daily’s Hardwood Smoked Peppered Thick-Sliced Bacon (#8465) + Dijon Mustard + Lettuce
  19. Nacho Burger: Queso + Fried Jalapenos (or Cornaby’s Cowboy Candy Candied Jalapenos (#2121))+ Pico de gallo
  20. Cowboy Burger: Pioneer Valley Gourmet Honey Apricot BBQ Sauce (#2241) + Brew City Beer Battered Onion Rings (#1269) + Monterey Jack Cheese

Whether you’re using ground beef, Carolina Ground Turkey (#3568), or ground chicken for your patties, here are a few delicious ingredients to mix in to make your burgers taste like they are restaurant-quality:

Patty Mix-ins

apricot bbq sauce burger

Complete your restaurant-quality burgers with the ultimate condiments! You can’t go wrong with classic ketchup + mayo, but here are a few ways to instantly upgrade your burger.

Try these condiments:

Burger recipes you’ll love!

salmon burger
bleu cheese
surf 'n turf


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