Texas Sheet Cake

The perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, Texas Sheet Cake is a rich chocolate cake topped with a delicious chocolate frosting. This recipe is always a hit at

Classic Creme Cupcakes W/Lavender Buttercream

Delicious Classic Creme Cupcakes with a hint of lemon, topped with an easy homemade Lavender Buttercream using our NEW Monin syrup. Try adding some syrup to your cupcake batter, too!

Classic Blueberry Pie

A delicious dessert for summer! Classic Blueberry Pie is full of Wyman’s Wild Blueberries (#1218) and uses only ingredients we keep on hand. Top a slice with a scoop of

Caramel Apple Pie Sundaes

Treat yourself to Caramel Apple Pie Sundaes with vanilla ice cream, delicious caramelized apples, a crisp cinnamon panko topping, and caramel sauce. This recipe can be done with any type

Shamrock Cookies

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with sugar cookie Shamrock Cookies dipped in Bailey’s Irish Cream Baking Chips and green sprinkles. You can also frost the cookies with a simple Cream Cheese

Berry Pie Bars

We are patiently waiting for warmer days, picnics in the park, and evening walks with our family. These Berry Pie Bars are making that wait a little easier. With a

Vanilla Chai Cheesecake

This drool-worthy Vanilla Chai Cheesecake is a great way to treat your special someone for Valentine’s Day with its spiced chai filling and soft nilla wafer crust. It features our

Krispy Treats with Bailey’s Irish Cream Baking Chips

If you love Bailey’s Baking Chips and Rice Krispy Treats, you’re in luck! This recipe combines two of our favorite flavors for a delicious treat. Make it for your Super

Give Your Icing a New Twist!

Give Your Icing a New Twist! Janey Lou’s Cream Cheese Icing (#8388) is a rich, creamy cream cheese frosting in a re-sealable plastic tub. It is shelf-stable until opened, and will store 180 days

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Merry Christmas, friends! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones. Although there are lots of holiday treats we love each year, we have been loving

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