Cheap & Easy Dinner Ideas

We’re all exhausted after the holiday season from all the shopping, cooking, and visiting. If one of your new year’s goals is to save a little more money, a great place to start is in the kitchen. Eating from home doesn’t have to be a burden with our easy-on-the-wallet bulk cases and great prices. Keep reading to find some of our family-favorite meals and recipes to help get dinner on the table without breaking the bank.

Make your own meal kits!

Meal Kits and Meal Delivery Services are all the rage right now. But, sometimes the prices are a little outrageous and the food just isn’t that filling. With our bulk cases, you can get multiple meals on the table for a fraction of the price. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Easy Fish ‘n Chips. Using our delicious Piccadilly Old English Style Fries (#6761) and Piccadilly Pub-Style Battered Cod Fillets (#8014). This meal is just $7.75 per serving* for a restaurant-quality meal! *One package of each of these products will yield 8 full servings, plus cod and fries remaining for additional meals.
  2. Homemade Fajitas. Try our tasty Beef & Chicken Fajita Meal Kit (#1597) and enjoy tender beef & chicken strips with our popular AP Fajita Seasoning and colorful peppers and onions all wrapped in soft flour tortillas for just $4.00 per serving! This kit comes with 6 servings.
  3. DIY Chinese Takeout. Who doesn’t love Takeout every once in a while? You will need: Amoy Vegetable Fried Rice (#6695), Minh Pork & Vegetable Egg Rolls (#4082), Minor’s Zesty Orange Sauce (#2989), Rim Rock Farms Popcorn Chicken (#1465). Serving DIY Take Out is just about $5.80 per serving, giving you 10 full servings.
  4. Shrimp Alfredo. Another customer favorite, you can enjoy Shrimp Alfredo with Broccoli and Garlic Bread for just $6.33 per serving in our Shrimp Alfredo & Garlic Bread Meal Kit (#1599). This kit comes with 6 servings.

Recipes that won’t break the bank



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